SPRING SUMMER (Women) 16 The Last Walk

Every footstep sounded her arrival;

A lover, a warrior, a precipice in time- saw herself tread the many corridors of life, hammering the hardwood beneath with naught but an intent and acceptance of a rehearsed fate. A rehearsed fate that she had known all too well. She walked midst the relics of her selfless past upon which glorious dust had barely settled; Her gentle face piercing the gentler breeze , her porcelain fingers clutching the map of decussate folds that time has etched upon frame. Transient through many colors of life, she had been the calmness of the beiges, the fiercest red and a wannest grey

She fought, she wrought, not so distraught, walked in her subdued glory to her plotted fate only to see another of its kind. A draped demeanor rustling past shed leaves of reminiscent yesterdays, she again walked “The Last Walk”.

The Last Walk is based on the emotions of a strong woman who creates an existence of her own and is ready to embrace any turmoil that confronts her and is not actually living in the circumstances of her emotions...she takes every bit of her journey as her last and is re-born each day with glory written all over her...transient through many colours of life, she has been the calmness of the beiges, the fiercest red and a wannest grey...Our muse presents herself as someone who is fiercely strong, clear headed, has an opinion and lives by it and this collection adapts itself to that very woman through a strong drape philosophy which is at the core of our inspiration this time around


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