Always known to play contemporary in different shades of emotions, Shantanu & Nikhil disseminates to you “The Mahal” directly from the soul of the sands, a never ending brisk to discover the mighty architecture, inspiring culture, divine royalty and inviting glamour

The collection embarks on it’s journey from an attractive lore culture with a braced narration of the peaceful essence of desert’s natural canvas and the inter-meddle is a mesmerizing allurement of charismatic luxurious attributes and a strong influence of the “Jharokha” which is overwhelming and is made with an extraordinary amount of soulfulness, taking you to an intricate sublime star light of the “Sheesh Mahal” and then a seamless sojourn of the palace which comes down to grandeur of the prestigious “Chariot” depicting pride and might of the people. The color palette is drawn from the native solitary beauty, beiges and browns cheerfully amble into silver metallic and patina golds and then a bright boost with an intense accompaniment of the rich reds and teal blues that speak about the glory and diversified charm of the atmosphere

The silhouette is inspired from the strong yet controlled structural architecture which brings out precious assets throughout the collection in its stylishly varied forms epitomizing glamour, sexiness & sophistication. The textures derive their distinct character from the earthy tones of the fort walls further transpiring into intricate layers of laser cuts, flowing into the exquisite interiors of the “Sheesh Mahal” brought to life by immaculate usage of Swarovski Crystals

Shantanu & Nikhil presents Autumn/Winter’15 Haute Couture- “The Mahal”


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